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Welcome to your “Build Site Dashboard”
The dashboard is where you will collaborate in the overall design and content of your website. The dashboard will evolve as the development of sections, elements, content, design, and functionality start to come together. The Build-Site functions only using a desktop/laptop with a Chrome or Firefox browser.

The Collaboration Tool
The collaboration tool is visible to anyone visiting the build-site. It is accessible to authorized collaborators. Please take a few minutes to watch the video tutorial prior to use.

Our Build Approach
Our approach is similar to puzzle building. We start with headers and footers which is much like building the outside edges of a puzzle. This provides the framework for your website as navigation menus are built. We then start to build inwards by building page sections with desired elements and content. As section building evolves, your website starts to come together to complete the vision of your design and content.

Your Digital Assets
Utilizing the “Collaboration Tool”, you will use “Comment” to upload your digital assets for the specific area within a section or page. Photos, Images, and Documents for Content Etc.

Color Selection
It is best to keep your color scheme utilizing three colors. These would be a Primary, Secondary & Accent color. We recommend keeping a clean presentation that is easy to read, engaging, built to encourage engagement. White background with contrasting colors that make things pop. If you have a colorful logo, it is best practice to keep branding color consistency thru-out your website. When providing your chosen colors, you will use the HEX Code version of the color. A popular reference for this color code selection can be found at

Desktop First, Then Mobile
Your website build will only render on a desktop/laptop browser. Once you approve the overall project, we start the process of rendering the website for mobile responsiveness. Not all that is designed for desktop/laptop is suitable for mobile responsiveness. This is where some elements are hidden and or created just for mobile.

Book Meeting
Please feel free to book a meeting to discuss your project.

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